valure™ – Make your world unique


DEGELER’s SkyHanger® Luminous relies on valure®

A new level of perfection in travel luggage: DEGELER’s SkyHanger® Luminous relies on valure®

To produce nothing more and nothing less than the perfect travel luggage: German company DEGELER have made an excellent name for themselves world-wide with this unwavering commitment to quality. >> read more

Leica EM.tec valure

Love at first sight: high-end Leica camera in exclusive valure® design

Leica has always stood for top-quality craftsmanship, for a timeless, elegant design, and for cameras with outstanding technology. >> read more

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100

valure®: Innovative technology for motorbike design

Glasses instead of a helmet, smart clothing, complete balance without a stand. >> read more


Hyundai RN30 concept car – a launch pad for new ideas: Interior design featuring valure™ realized by EM.tec design

A pioneering, aerodynamic design, not to mention cutting-edge high-tech solutions for the engine, bodywork, and interior.
>> read more

The work chair of the future: valure™ shines with look and functionality

Lighter and significantly more comfortable than conventional chairs, highly functional and a real eye-catcher to boot with its unmistakable aesthetics. >> read more

Impressions from Lineapelle, September 2016

This September at Lineapelle fair in Milano EM.tec design showcased the color competencies of valure™.
>> read more

valure™ gets rave reviews in an automobile study

All-in-one tactility, quality and perfect workmanship: A current automobile study shows just what you can already achieve technologically thanks to valure™.
>> read more

valure™ by BASF –
Experience surface finishing in perfection

Stand out from the masses. Fascinate with just one look. Remain unforgettable after just one touch. The new technology for unique surfaces by BASF makes all this possible. valure™ is unique, unmistakable, versatile. Give your products a quality finish the likes of which have never been seen before. As the exclusive valure™ licensee for Europe, EM.tec design develops the perfect application for your requirements.

With cutting-edge technology and years of expertise in surface finishing, not to mention the highest of quality standards, we create something very special for you. The patented transfer coating technology valure™ provides all the prerequisites for optimizing and perfecting a wide range of materials, natural and synthetic alike.

Emotion and function reduced to a common denominator. This is what valure™ stands for. Be it fashion, automotive, furniture or packaging: We create finishes for you with an exclusive look and a fascinating feel. We protect surfaces while at the same time making them more attractive – fit-for-need and tailor-made for your requirements.

To this end the EM.tec design team can rely on the creativity and experience over 30 years of surface finishing in our corporate group. Your benefit: the greatest precision, 100 percent reliability and extensive process know-how, through to just-in-time delivery. We accompany your products from the initial idea to series production in perfection.

EM.tec design and valure™ – two strong partners with one goal: to create surface finishes and individual solutions that you and your customers will love.


Pure pleasure to the eyes and the touch

Mobility is one of mankind’s basic needs. As such, automobiles are highly emotional products that appeal to all the senses. We offer you the right surface finish technology for this. Feel, look, and function combined in perfection. Give leather and many other substrates an unmistakable effect. Unforeseen opportunities emerge for the interior design of modern vehicles, for car seats, interior trim, head rests and many other parts. From leather grain to technical structures – your design possibilities are limitless. As a long-standing supplier of automotive parts our corporate group is superbly equipped for automotive projects and the special process and logistics requirements they involve. Experience the fascination of four wheels in a novel way with valure™ and EM.tec design.


Always in tune with the times

As refined as leather – only far better. With valure™ and EM.tec design you can refine your products in a truly unique way wether they’re natural leather or virtually any other substrate, for example synthetic materials. Your products obtain a visual appearance that is in turn hard to distinguish from leather. The soft-touch and other haptic surface qualities resulting from this technology impress at the very first touch. Handbags, jackets and many other leather products are given the unique touch, as are wallets, shoes and the very latest fashion accessories. Unforeseen opportunities present themselves for special, exclusive designs for smartphone and tablet covers. We would be delighted to show you all the opportunities for unique finishes in the fashion world – and develop the solution that meets your requirements and suits your product perfectly.


The highest degree of comfort

Coming home and relaxing: Homing, the art of turning your home into a cozy nest has become a recent trend. Fascinate your customers with fresh design and unique finishes that combine a high-end look and feel with lots of practical features. Durable, breathable, easy-care – with regard to furniture in particular, for example upholstered furniture, valure™ and EM.tec design open up totally new opportunities. This way you can refine the design, feel, and look of a wide range of substrates. It is difficult to tell the difference between the leather-look synthetic materials, for example, and genuine leather. The range of designs we create individually in line with your specifications is just as variable as the choice of substrates. Be inspired, and create furniture with character that gives you a strong, unique position in the market.


Much more than just packaging

Lifestyle articles offer more. More experience, more pleasure, more emotion. This begins with unmistakable packaging designs. Stand out from the rest by making your products unmistakable. valure™ and EM.tec design make packaging designs more exclusive than ever. With a look and feel that is pure pleasure, the packaging itself becomes a high-end collectable, upgrading the product it contains even more. We would be delighted to show you all the creative opportunities for today’s and tomorrow’s design.