infinura™ – Your new look in recycled leather

Forget everything you’ve heard about recycled leather so far. infinura™ is different – as fascinating as leather both in terms of its visual and tactile qualities, yet surprisingly new. The exclusive coating in valure™ lends the material its unique look and feel. And you can choose the color and texture according to your individual wishes – and the char­acteristic leather scent will get users excited. High-quality, flexible, unique: infinura™ will open up an entirely new world for your designs.

Elegance and chic meets sustainability. infinura™ is the perfect material for premium shoes, bags and accessories.

With its high leather content, infinura™ is environmentally friendly and luxurious at the same time. Closed recycling systems help protect resources and make for a highly attractive value-for-money ratio. Experience the rebirth of leather.