valure™ gets rave reviews in an automobile study


All-in-one tactility, quality and perfect workmanship: A current automobile study shows just what you can already achieve technologically thanks to valure™.

Car buyers’ requirements are changing and growing in many respects. First, they expect quality and workmanship down to the very last detail of the finishing – the tactility of the interior fittings is becoming ever more important. Second, they also attach importance to aspects such as sustainability, sparing resources and efficiency.

valure™ ticks all the boxes – in optimal fashion. As can be seen in the BMW VISION NEXT 100, it enables unique surface concepts and is also a cost-effective technology that, for example, reduces the use of leather or renders it completely superfluous. Be it the dashboard, the door and roof paneling, or even the seat upholstery – the material allows a coherent and consistent design throughout.

The feeling of comfort that special surfaces offer looks set to become ever more important precisely in the Premium auto segment.

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