Acting in a sustainable manner:
Economy and ecology in harmony

Taking action today while thinking of coming generations in the process: For us, sustainability and environmental protection are not just words, but firm values that shape how we act. For us, sustainability means reducing economic, ecological, and social issues to a common denominator.

Lifelong improvement does not just involve achieving greater successes, but also making ever more economical and sustainable use of energy, continually lowering emissions and permanently enhancing our company’s ecological efficiency. Each and every employee plays a role here – with a sense of responsibility and dedication.

Environmentally conscious down to the very last detail

The sum total of individual measures benefits the environment and thus society as a whole:

  • With state-of-the–art machinery our entire production process is designed for optimal energy efficiency.
  • We deliberately decided in favor of a water-based coating to reduce emissions to a minimum.
  • In order to lower material inputs permanently, the detergents used in our production processes are consistently recycled and reused. 
  • All the lighting in our production hall is based on cutting-edge LED solutions, which are particularly energy-efficient and as such significantly reduce our electricity requirements.
  • We avoid waste as far as possible and consistently recycle all reusable substances.

For us, it seems only logical to act in a sustainable manner. We continually seek to improve the various aspects to HSE still further. It is our contribution to an intact environment and saving natural resources.