valure™ –
Surfaces that fascinate all the senses

Use the very latest coating technology opportunities to create soft-touch surfaces, leather grains, and many other looks that appeal to and fascinate all the senses. In valure™ we offer you a patented technology developed by BASF that opens up previously unknown opportunities to you. Create products that are winners both visually and to the touch, that feel warm and at the same time are robust and durable. You can use valure™ for a wide range of substrates, both for leather and textiles, or for synthetic materials, non-wovens and packaging.

The trendsetter –
with flexibility and individuality

There are also almost unlimited opportunities for designing sophisticated surface textures. Natural textures, your own creations, leather grains, velvet or technical surface textures – anything is possible. Yet valure™ is not only alterable, versatile, and always new. Its incredible flexibility is another advantage for innumerable applications. As such you can set trends, implement new ideas in the shortest of time and make your product unmistakable. Thanks to straightforward and swift changes in design there are virtually no limits. In this way your products not only become a brand, but also have a refined, unmistakable, and convincing face.

Design: Flake 1
Design: Square
Design: Magic Flow Soft
Design: Floppy
Design: Quicksilver
Design: Carbon
Design: Crimp
Design: Basket
Design: Saphire
Design: Baby Croco
Design: Leopard
Design: Wafer
Design: Snake
Design: Formula 1
Design: Cosmos
Design: Lemon Gras
Design: Atlantic

All-round service for convincing ideas

We think ahead – and offer you a full service package for all aspects of valure™ technology. With regard to production, processing, and logistics, EM.tec design offers support in the form of tailor-made solutions, which deliver the exact requisite number of surfaces ordered to your production facilities just in time. With extensive know-how for sectors ranging from automotive to furniture, we accompany your projects capably and reliably. From the proverbial sheet of white paper to the perfect solution. One look – one touch: Discover all the impressive opportunities valure™ coating technology has to offer.

The valure™ process:
tried and tested, efficient, flexible

The use of state-of-the-art processes makes production of our matrices flexible, fast, and efficient – totally in line with your design specifications. We would be delighted to help develop unique designs for your products. Together with our expert design partners we find the perfect solution for your requirements. The result is a surface that, in addition to excellent visual and tactile properties, has many other advantages. The sealed valure™ coating, for example, is microporous and as such breathable.

The tried-and-tested process makes the application of valure™ incredibly diverse, efficient, and reliable

Step 1: A textured imprint of the desired surface is made on a matrix.

Step 2: A thin coat of valure™ is applied.

Step 3: The layer is laminated in line on the desired base

Step 4: With a valure™ finish, the product can now be removed from the matrix.

Unique surfaces with valure technology by BASF